The most significant characteristic of Markiz patent distinguishing it among its competitors is that it provides boutique services.
Many patent offices in the sector try to standardize their services when they grew and their customer numbers increased. This is a need for decreasing the costs. However, this “banalizes” their services albeit unintentionally.

Markiz Patent founders are aware that the competitive strategy, problems and needs of every company are different and registration services should have a unique perspective instead of being “standard” or “banalized”. Thus, the structure of Markiz Patent is based on the differences of the customer needs and problems, hence supplying “boutique services” unique to each customer. It is undoubtedly a matter requiring knowledge and experience.
Another characteristic of Markiz Patent is transparency of costs. Markiz Patent transparently expresses the official fees and attorney expenses in all services. Defining the foreign attorney expenses accurately in domestic registrations, especially in registration fees and international services has allowed Markiz Patent to be known with its transparency and honesty.